News & Updates

MSU Museum Receives $40,000 National Endowment for the Arts Grant. This round of funding is provided through four grant programs: Access to Artistic Excellence, Learning in the Arts for Children and Youth, Arts on Radio and Television, and Partnership Agreements (State and Regional). Access to Artistic Excellence grants foster and preserve excellence in the arts and provide access to the arts for all Americans.  The Michigan State University (on behalf of Michigan State University Museum) supports two components of the Michigan Traditional Arts Program, as well as infrastructure support for key staff. The Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program and Michigan Heritage Awards both directly support folk artists and their work in the state.  More information about the the NEA grant can be found here.  May 26, 2011.

The MSU Museum received a  grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to upgrade more than 16,000 mammal specimens into museum-quality cabinets with archival drawer liners, trays, and boxes in order to ensure their safekeeping and longer-term preservation and to improve access for the museum community as well as the general public. This grant is the final part of a three-phase project to rehouse the MSU Museum’s mammal collection, which has also received previous IMLS support.  Read more about the Museum’s grant.  May 26, 2011

The Michigan State University Museum has appointed Julie Fick as science education specialist, a new position created to strengthen its suite of learning laboratory programs across campus and community audiences.  Read more about Fick and the role of a science education specialist.  May 26, 2011.

Read a profile of Gary Parsons from the A.J. Cook Arthropod Research Collection.  May 13, 2011.