Apparel and Textile Design Historic Collection

Outreach Coordinator: Sally Helvenston Gray – 213 Kresge Art Center

203 Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture Bldg., East Lansing, MI 48825

Phone: (517) 355-7716

Access/Availability: Access limited.  Contact the Outreach Coordinator to arrange tours or for more information. Artifacts in the Collection are available for exhibition and research on the MSU campus.


The ATD historic dress and Textiles Collection consists of dress and textiles primarily from the late eighteenth century to modern times. The Collection is used for design inspiration and for teaching dress and cultural history. The collection contains about 1,000 artifacts of men’s, women’s and children’s outerwear; 300 accessory items; international dress from China, Japan, France, Greece, Italy, Eastern Europe, and native populations of the U.S. Reference materials include books, mail order catalogues, fashion plates, photographs, and apparel/textile construction tools and equipment..


College/Department Affiliation: Department of Art & Art History, College of Arts and Letters